The world is full of good people who realise their responsibility of serving mankind. The Divine Mission believes in the ideology of contributing to the society in myriad ways. It encourages people to support the needy through Tan (Body), Mann (Soul through prayers/simran), Dhan (Financal Aid) ki Sewa.

Supported by hundreds of volunteers mainly across Delhi NCR region, The Divine Mission has contributed, supported and initiated several initiatives like rural upliftment, women empowerment, health, hygiene and sanitation awareness drives, medical aid, blood donation drives, feed the needy and underprivileged and much more.

The Mission believes that journey to inner peace and happiness is routed through selfless Sewa. The Mission never donates or gives, it contributes and supports. Inspired and encouraged by Guruji, all the volunteers join hands to make a difference with their sewa each day.

Driven by the volunteers of The Divine Mission, all the activities and initiatives have left indelible impact on the society. The Divine Mission does not look forward to any form of charity, however, we seek, individuals who are driven spiritually to serve the society.

The types of Sewa that are currently being extended by the volunteers are:

Satsang sewa – The volunteers urge Guruji to hold a satsang at their residence or a desired place so that more and more people can join the satsang, listen to Guruji's Amrit Vani and receive his blessings.

Event/Activity Sewa – Many volunteers organise distribution drives as per their capacity where food, water, essentials related to health and hygiene are distributed by families/individuals attached to The Divine Mission

Skill-based Sewa – The volunteers of The Divine Mission come from affluent professional backgrounds and have immense talent in different fields. The volunteers seek Guruji's blessings and take up sewa related to IT management, organising workshops, social media handling, photography, videography, website management, accounts handling, literature development and archiving, handling public relations, etc.

Ashram Sewa – The Divine Mission is visited by hundreds of visitors every week who come to meet and seek blessings of Guruji. For the same ashram support volunteers play a crucial role in smoothly organising the same. This group forms the core of the Ashram handling a range of activities like ferrying people from the nearest metro station to the Ashram, Parking Assistance, token distribution, Prasad Preparation, distribution, Kitchen Sewa, Visitor Care etc. People can voluntarily take up this sewa and contribute to the Ashram.

To volunteer with The Divine Mission write to us at info@thedivinemission.org or get in touch with us at +(91)-9212135112