4 October 2020
By Neha

The Joy of Giving!

Often you get a chance of playing a small role in someone else's life. It is choice between being self-less and self-centred. Since almost two decades now, I have found myself eager to help someone who is going through medical emergencies. May be that was the way the almighty was preparing me to be strong enough to handle my own crisis. Well that apart, I still get paranoid listening to the siren of an ambulance on the road, I still get sleepless nights if I receive forward messages of some random child requiring medical attention. What I do or have been doing doesn't really make noise because a few hands cannot change things. It requires self-less approach of many to bring about a slight change in the society.

Recently almost a month back, i.e., early September 2020, a message was flashed on a common whatsapp group where an ex-Director of my organisation who was in his 70s urgently required platelets as he had to undergo a kidney transplant. Generally such messages get huge attention but this time there was silence. Thanks to COVID times! No one responded and a couple of days passed. The same message was sent again, this time with a request from their sons that they need help. I waited for almost half a day but couldn't hold myself further. I had never worked with that gentleman, I did not know him but I was thinking of him for the past two days. I replied on the group to kindly send me the details and I shall be happy to help.

I have been a regular blood donor since 2007; at least once in a year has been the frequency. Touchwood, health has always been on my side and God has been kind enough. So this time again I was all set to extend that support to an ailing family. Talking about Covid scare is a must here because hospitals are the most infectious place to be in these times. But my tryst with hospitals has been constant and come Covid, Hail or Storm, a visit to the hospital is a must (Details are irrelevant). But trust me the Covid fear never engulfed me. I have been out on the streets, doing all that I could for the society during extreme lockdown in India and that confidence came in from being a part of The Divine Mission. I was the newest member in the Divine Family but our Guruji had instilled that confidence in us that he will take care of each and every member in the family. Those words were enough to set aside all the fears and at least I know that I have been a warrior and still continue to be one (Thanks to my association with an essential service commodity, my dear family and neighbourhood).

With the blessings of Guruji, I took on the responsibility of all the medical requirements of the residents especially senior citizens of my apartment during the lockdown which was for around four months. We set up a quarantine centre within the apartment and conducted a free covid test camp as well. Being in essential services, my office started much before the general public hit the streets, due to my dad's health, I was visiting hospitals even during Lockdown 1.0. So the fear of Covid-19 couldn't budge me from doing my bit, needless to mention I was taking all precautions and following all the rules and guidelines laid by the Health Ministry.

Coming back to the ailing senior citizen, the day I messaged, I was informed that I will have to reach Apollo Hospital the next day and donate a unit of blood. So as usual, I had my breakfast and headed to the hospital. The condition in the hospital was worse, the doctors were few, the patients were many. The requirement for platelets was huge and the donors were few. I saw families pleading the blood bank to give the clearance so that the patient can be operated but the response was disheartening. I was made to wait for over an hour before my tests could be done. Then when my name was called out and my tests were done, strangely my haemoglobin was low. It was 11.5 and the hospital required haemoglobin over 12. I tried to convince the lab technicians because there was no other donor but they were helpless. This had happened for the first time in the past 13 years of me donating blood. The stress of low haemoglobin was not as big as the setback of not being able to help someone in need. The patient today is no more and somehow the news of him not surviving made me restless. Almost 10 days after his death, I decided to get my blood test done, not because I was worried about my stats but because I didn't want to lose any opportunity to help someone in the future.

They say when you pray with all your heart, you don't require words to ask for what you desire. So the day my blood sample was being collected, I silently prayed to the almighty and said, Guruji Sambhal Lena! The reports came by evening, and there…the haemoglobin was 12. There were a couple of concerns but the Vitamin Supplements shall take care of that. Well, even before I got myself tested, I knew about the annual blood donation camp being organised by The Divine Mission on October 02, 2020. That was one reason of me undergoing tests as well (That was a secret which I am happily sharing now). So the reports gave me a go ahead to be a part of the camp and donate blood too.

The camp was organised in the best possible way. The hygiene parameters were taken care to the T and all the support and care was being extended to the volunteers (Sewadars) and the Donors. I have attended the Covid Testing Camps organised by The Divine Mission and I was well-aware of the standard operating procedures, therefore, there was no fear of any sorts to be a part of the camp. On top of that Guruji's presence at every camp is not only an inspiration but an assurance as well. So I witnessed many people donate blood at the camp, the conditions were many but what was a concern to me was that the haemoglobin should be above 12.5. September 27, 2020; I stood at a haemoglobin of 12 and again that .5 was a concern on October 02, 2020(remember I was denied from donating blood because of .5). But indeed I was not going away without trying. I filled up the form and headed for the test…Once again… a silent prayer…Guruji sambhal lena…did the trick! The haemoglobin levels were up to the mark and I was allowed to donate blood. I cannot explain the joy I had while I walked to the bed with that pouch and the needle (the image of mine I think says it all).

It was the blessings of Guruji that within 4 days my stats permitted me to serve mankind. There was a sense of relief and a rush of emotions. I was almost silent the entire evening because when you are part of The Divine Mission and Guruji (almighty) himself takes care of you and your intentions are pure….YOU SEE MIRACLES HAPPEN!
Jai Guruji.

7 May 2020
By Jyothi Rao

surrender ur weakness, he give us strength..
shouldn't steer the flow of the divinity, just let it flow

Jai Guruji.

15 January 2019
By Prachi

The Divine Mission is that endeavour that drives the present generation about Bhagti which is prayer of thy god who you are not remembering because he will give something in return, but are remembering him to contain thy in ourselves. Our prayers should speak of the true light of God, true strength and his true blessings. The glory of God is anyways beyond human comprehension and cannot be expressed in words.

It is impossible to find a set of prayer formulas, if someone is looking for one. The prayers which are performed peacefully with immense and pure reverence do reach thy God. He who is untranslatable, unlimited and with immense power - is impossible to be measured through prayers that are offered.

The Divine Mission wants the future generations to learn the value of Sewa, which is service for humanity; selfless service. Sewa (Service) is a task that tells how happy, prosperous and satisfied you are from inside. By doing sewa, you feel a kind of satisfaction that you cannot get from anything else but service. True sewa can only be done on the basis of true and selfless feelings. One's ego should be behind of everything- there is no place for I Me Myself in case of service, because it is sewa only when it is done for someone else.

Are you are some who wants credit for whatever you do or appreciation for who you are? You can only do sewa and be a sewadar if you become the one who gives credit to others.

All major religious scriptures and mythologies give basically the same message - love, kindness, and forgiveness. We as a part of The Divine Mission only try to impart the same through our acts for the society and remind them that the important thing is that they should be part of our daily lives.
Jai Guruji.

25 March 2017
By Prachi

In today's world, when everybody is trying to push religion away from one's life. Guruji, a spiritual leader, is spreading the word of goodness and god. With each day, where one is looking for ways to dismiss the existence of god, Guruji is coming up with the newer ways to make us all believe in the existence of that immense and divine power of god. As Science challenges the existence of god, Guruji reiterates the fact that one should use the same science to understand God and his processes.

Through his The Divine Mission, he aims to cut across different religions and beliefs, by reinforcing the idea of 'One ubiquitous God'. The ideology is to make people understand that faith and belief go far beyond religious rites and rituals. His message to the world out there is to take a leap of faith and make your bhakti so strong that one comes out of the trap of the so called rituals which one doesn't even understand.

While the world today is grappling with this 'nothingness', where believers and non believers are always standing poles apart, Guruji is creating a bridge of faith. He is there to guide us through the happy as well as the tough times, and all he wants is return is 'Bhakti'. No tantra, no mantra, no fees. All you need is patience and faith, faith in that divine power, in Guruji and his mission for the betterment of mankind.

His sincere request to his followers and the world at large is 'to stay simple and grateful'. As humans, we tend to make mistakes every now and then, which is what we pay for, i.e., the karma theory. Therefore, he acts as a medium to god, and makes people apologise for their deeds. Like parents can't hold their anger for long when their kids make mistakes, similarly he says that God also can forgive us for our mistakes, if and only if we pray to him with our heart and soul: 'Hey parmeshwar, hum aapke bache hai, humei baksha do'.

We all learn and try to make sense of the unknown, therefore, one might take time in understanding his mystical ways. But as Paulo Coelho said, 'miracles only happen to those who believe in them'. Take a leap of faith and join us, as there's nothing to lose.
Jai Guruji.