Guruji's contribution towards humanity has been honored by Reckitt Benister during their #Dettolsalutes campaign.

During the first wave of COVID, Guruji tirelessly counselled families and individuals. Through a series of virtual talks throughout the period of lockdown, Guruji enlightened mankind to go beyond the ritualistic norms of religions, fear, astrology and understand the truth of Parmatma (Supreme Soul, God).

Furthermore, Guruji and The Divine Mission's sewadal began the noble initiative to serve food to the ailing society during testing times of COVID second wave. The volunteers prepared and delivered hundreds of free vegetarian meals daily to COVID patients in different parts of Delhi NCR.

In unsaid ways, Guruji's blessings and powers were a pillar of strength for all his disciples. By connecting us to the Supreme Power and guiding us to do Sewa, Simran, Satsang, Guruji restored the pain & struggle in our lives, with joy, opportunities, better health, abundance and immense gratitude.

Dettol paid tribute to Guruji by placing his story and photo on their liquid handwash packs to carry a message of hope and contribution across the country.