The Divine Mission

The Divine Mission

Serving Humanity, Fostering Spirituality

The Divine Mission was initiated by 'Guruji' with a small group of people who believed in Sewa, Simran and Satsang. The 3Ss that encompass the journey of each one's life. We have been created as humans by the supreme power, the 'God' and therefore it is the duty of each one of us to be thankful to the almighty for all that he has blessed us with.

During the course of our journey, we are bound to make certain mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly, and therefore we must continuously seek apology for the mistakes or sins we do. To always be close to our creator or to continue being in his choicest blessings, it is important to be on the path of 'Bhakti'. To be aware of ourselves, our surroundings, our aim of life, our responsibilities towards humankind and to ensure we are on the right path, we require a 'Guru'. A Guru, plays an important role in each one's life. He not only brings in enlightenment to our lives but constantly motivates and encourages us to do the right things in pursuit of our destiny.

Guruji at The Divine Mission, believes that Bhakti and selfless service are the only route to attain inner peace. Only when you are at peace with yourselves, you can put in your best in everything you do. He takes care of all his followers in myriad ways. To some he is a friend, to some a philosopher, he is a parent to some, a mentor, a guide and much more beyond that to everyone associated with the mission.

With no conditions in place, Guruji only stresses upon Bhakti and Sewa which includes Tan, Mann and Dhan. Guruji ensures that each one of his followers is blessed with Tan, Mann and Dhan so that they can devote a portion of all these to serve humanity. He believes that one needs to 'Be good to do good'. One needs to cleanse himself/herself first to reform the society in a better way.

With the blessings of Guruji, the members of The Divine Mission have been able to come out of their emotional turmoil, stand at a better pedestal in the society, are bestowed upon with better health, are stronger and better, in all today with the divine blessings, the entire sangat is a little better than what we they used to be before, however, the journey shall continue on the path which would be led and guided by Guruji.