Covid Support and Relief

Covid Support and Relief

Pandemic Covid -19 came as a severe health scare to the entire world. While the battle had already begun across the world, it was around the end of February 2020 that India started to realize its potential threat and then a Janta Curfew was declared on 22 March, 2020; Sunday.

On 24 March 2020, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 pandemic in India. The fourth phase of the lockdown was announced from May 18, 2020 across the nation by Ministry of Home Affairs.

1st Wave of the Pandemic
The first wave of this pandemic majorly caused health and financial set back. The lockdown came as a jolt for everyone, however, the situation across the nation was under control. It was an entirely new concept to stay indoors for over a month before the relaxations were gradually introduced. Job security, pay cuts, education of the kids, handling all domestic chores single handedly, all tool a toll on people and severely affected their mental well-being.

However, for those attached to The Divine Mission, it came as an opportunity to see and hear Guruji almost every day through online platforms. Understanding the criticality of the situation, Guruji took on the responsibility of interacting with not only the volunteers but to all those who were spiritually inclined almost every day. He spoke on various societal issues, devotion to the supreme power – the generator, operator and destroyer, existing superstitions, gender neutrality, service to humanity and beyond. He strictly advised all the followers and viewers to follow Covid appropriate behavior and the protocols laid by the government to stay safe. Guruji also gave an opportunity to the viewers to ask questions on the live interaction and responded to almost every question with immense love and patience.

These virtual meetings were a blessing to all the devotees of Guruji and followers of The Divine Mission. While most of the people stayed indoors and kept themselves safe. Realizing the need to extend help to different sections of the society like the senior citizens staying alone, the underprivileged, the daily wage workers etc., some of the volunteers of The Divine Mission, stepped out with all safety protocols and conducted the following to support the government initiatives as well as to reach out to those who were in need:

1. Two Free Covid testing camps
2. Three blood donation camps
3. Distributed dry ration and sanitary essentials to the needy almost every month
4. Reached out to senior citizens and ensured they get medicines, food and all required comfort from time to time
5. Conducted awareness camps on covid appropriate behaviour.

2nd Wave of the Pandemic
During the devastating second wave of the pandemic, The Divine Mission, went all out to support anyone and everyone.

1. Arranged for hospital beds for patients in medical emergencies
2. Arranged for oxygen cylinders, refills and much more for people in need
3. Arranged for Covid medicines, injections to save lives
4. Supported hundreds of families by contributing all that the mission could

The mission took on the big responsibility to provide Free Home Cooked meals to covid affected people in Delhi NCR region. This is when the mission for the first time went all out to reach out to people through all platforms to spread awareness on the food sewa being extended. Though there were many who started such services only a few could sustain the same. Since the states were under lockdown, delivering food came in as the biggest challenge for many. Guided and blessed by Guruji, The Divine Mission, not only continued this free sewa for over two months, but ensured the food is healthy, hygienic, home cooked and is delivered by hand on time twice every day.