Our Guruji, Mr. Raj Kumar, is an industrialist and a food scientist by profession. With a sound career and an established successful business, Mr. Raj Kumar is a renowned name in the Food industry of India. Keeping up with his professional commitments all-round the year, Mr. Kumar has a strong inclination towards serving humanity since his childhood. Born and brought up into a middle-class family, Mr. Raj Kumar has witnessed the struggles of managing a sound livelihood, however, the family values ingrained in him by his family have always been of 'contributing and serving'.

Since his childhood days, Mr. Raj Kumar would go out of the way to help his classmates, his friends, neighbours, colleagues and even unknown needy people whom he would come across in his own capacity. While he continued his efforts to serve humanity all through the initial years, gradually he saw people coming together and joining hands with him and willing to contribute towards uplifting the underprivileged. Graduall, Mr. Raj Kumar made it a policy to contribute most of the profit earned by his organization towards humanity. Seeing this kind gesture of his, most of his office staff, channel partners, dealers and distributors urged him to give them an opportunity to serve mankind as well. It was then that he decided to formalize the social work he has been doing over the years in a way that more and more people can join in and contribute in the same.

With this thought, The Divine Mission was initiated by Mr. Raj Kumar in 2009 with a small group of people who believed in Sewa, Simran and Satsang. The 3Ss that encompass the journey of each one's life. The Mission believes that each one has been created as humans by the supreme power, the 'God' and therefore it is the duty of every individual to be thankful to the almighty for all that he has been blessed with.

While the Mission always believed in serving humanity and standing by the needy, Mr. Raj Kumar propagated that an individual has no capacity to donate or help, all that is done is a 'Contribution' that eventually makes a difference. The Mission never waited for an opportunity (natural calamity, disaster, pandemic etc.) to make a difference. It extended its sewa every day to the needy in many ways. तन, मन, धन की सेवा without any expectations. Seeing the zeal of Mr. Raj Kumar and his dedication towards serving humanity with all his might, all those who became a part of The Divine Mission in the initial years, bestowed him with the title of 'Guruji' with immense love and respect. Today as Guruji is the known face of The Divine Mission, not many know the story behind the inception of The Divine Mission and the journey of Mr. Raj Kumar.

The Divine Mission always insisted on 'Doing its bit' and never believed in propagating the same. Therefore, even after a decade of doing good work, the mission still forms a small part of the society without much pomp and show. Today, most of the people associated with the mission are well to do. They are well-established in their fields of work and are committed towards serving humanity in all possible ways. As far as the funding of The Divine Mission is concerned, major part of it comes from Mr. Raj Kumar's earnings and the rest is contributed by the Volunteers from their earnings. There is no external funding, no sponsorships of events or activities etc. happening till date.